July 20, 2017

dressing for motherhood

Hi! Who is looking for cute clothing you can wear from maternity  to motherhood with ease? I've spent the last two years pregnant and or nursing, so I can weigh in on this topic. Mom-bod clothing doesn't get any better than PINK BLUSH  and I am excited to pair up with them! Even if you are not pregnant (like me) you'll love their clothing, promise! 

The lace detail and fit of this mustard top are unreal! So soft and the color is lovely! My favorite thing is that it's long enough to make sure you're covered while chasing kiddos! Which is huge for me with two under two. I never have a third hand to pull my top down  when my arms full of babies! AND this top is part of their SUMMER BLOWOUT sale and you can snag it HERE for $26! 

This DRESS is comfy, cute and you won't have to worry about the wind blowing this one up to your ears! Perfect for church, running errands, and summer weddings. (blue heelers not included!)

Photography is compliments of my husband, 
cowboy by day, photographer by night! Also, I am not a fashion expert and all opinions are my own! Can't wait to share more bits of my life with you guys soon! 

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